Comments from viewers and/or collectors:

I have some of Kathleen's works hanging in my home and I receive compliments on them every time I entertain guests. She is a beautifully talented artist with an impeccable eye for capturing color. Looking forward to procuring some of her watercolor fish! JRP in FL

​Wonderful display of you get better and better. I really love the fruit and the fish...something about them that touches me.  JIC in NC

So fun looking at all your creations. I really did love my lessons from you in Dallas. My creative talents just turned to photography instead. I love knowing a REAL artist! JF in AK Very nice web site. Vibrant colors and diverse subjects. I particularly like the water colors. CMcI in AL Great to look through all the paintings. Awe inspiring! Memories of my attempts to emulate your skill at your lessons in Dallas ...... in vain!!  AO’B in UK Your inspiration of colorful palettes of diverse depth and subject matter are breathtakingly beautiful. I embrace your creative aptitude to develop a work of such contrast and excitement in the viewer's eye. IL in CA You do beautiful work. I really enjoyed this site. BM in GA

The Art of kbosell

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